Ronni Gentile

Years ago, when it was a rare female in the Martial Arts, Ronni challenged the odds. Not only did she become a Jiu-Jitsu Teacher (Sensei) to children-and-adult students of both genders, but was the Owner of her own school for over 10 years. Furthermore, Ronni is the holder of a 3rd Degree Black Belt. But it is not only her determination to the task at hand, but her innate ability to listen to, and
respond accordingly to the individual needs of those who rely on her… from students-and-parents… to her clients and employees. Ronni earned their trust, along with their respect.

However, when you meet her, there is an evident juxtaposition within Ronni. Not only does she bring strength and determination to all she endeavors, but she is a woman of strong integrity, as evidenced by her long-time dedication to her faith and family. She’s been a reliable Member of the Board of Directors of her church. She also taught her two daughters to practice honesty and decency within a strong work ethic. These same values are being instilled as well, in her 12-year-old son who attends ‘Saints Philip and James School’, in St. James.

Ronni has the strength of character and sales expertise. She is also a creative and visionary person. All of these, coupled with her principles of integrity, guides and assures clients they’re making the right… well-informed decisions.

For those who are relying on her, Ronni’s purpose is to make their real estate purchase, and/or selling process, a positive and rewarding experience… start to finish.

•    Long-time Business Owner and Entrepreneur;
•    Retail Sales Management;
•    Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the ‘Jamie Isaacs Foundation for Anti-Bullying, Inc., in recognition of her valuable support and outstanding commitment helping families in need;
•    Serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church;
•    Married mother of three;
•    Enjoys living and raising her family on Long Island.

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