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James Haydon

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Feb 8 3 minutes read

During the past 30 years as an HVAC engineer, John has made it a priority to encompass his love of the arts into everyday life. This includes music, painting, drawing, woodworking, viticulture, enology, Kombucha brewing, and, of course, photography. 

In fact, recently, one of Johns many impressive photographs was selected to be showcased in a photo exhibition in Germany at the Berlin Blue Art Gallery. {picture below}

Additionally, John was featured in "40+ Heart Stopping Photos You Cannot Miss.....where his photo "Taormina Sunrise"  was selected as one of the finalists.  There are some very cool shots here and he was so glad to be one of them. 

More importantly, through talking to John, I have noticed that he is able to observe Long Island from a different lens compared to most people. For example, what many people may consider mundane and commonplace, John considers an opportunity to capture an irreplaceable moment in time, bringing out all the allure and appeal inherent in what he views. Ironically, John is able to capture what he views; thus exposing his audience to his lens of the world, by shooting with an assortment of different camera lens along with a Nikon D810 and d7100 camera.

When asking John about his love for photography and how it correlates with him being a New Yorker he responded, “ The great part about living on Long Island and working in NYC is the endless opportunity of diverse subject matter and diverse people I am exposed to. From the beauty of a long island sunset to the hard-edged roughness of the concrete cityscapes, I am able to capture the great, diverse state of New York in all its entirety. Even more important, I am able to capture the tremendous people that live on this great island, who are just as diverse.”

With passion and the love of composition and light, John told me that his primary goal is to provide the most beautiful and artistic photographs of his home state, New York. If you are interested in John’s work his website is If you can not contact him there you will most likely see him early morning or when the day comes to an end, chasing the light somewhere in the city or on long island. 

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